Lisbon To Host the Much Awaited First ABC Summit in Portugal

The ABC Summit is a special dedication to the fast-growing blockchain technology and advanced crypto related solutions that are captivating a lot of interest from individuals and corporate.

The Blockchain technology is an evolution that could point at fundamental and crucial change at the government, business, and personal levels.

What to expect at the ABC Summit: ICOs and investment opportunities for participants

The ABC (abbrev.Asset Backed Crypto) Summit will provide an enterprise show for a number of startups from different niches that have demonstrated one thing in common; their activities are anchored by assets or added value projects.

The outlined benchmark helped the organisation to assess the nature of companies making their presentations and models employed if seeking to crowdfund through cryptocurrency issuance – Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The pre-evaluation will no doubt assist investors to pick with greater confidence the projects presented at the event, especially now that the market’s volatility has been so high and causing extreme price shifts for crypto assets based purely on speculation, such as Bitcoin.

The ABC Summit a platform for high-level debate on crypto issues 

The ABC Summit also targets to educate the participants on much more about Blockchain and cryptography solutions. There will be info and high-level debate panels featuring revered experts on distributed technologies such as TRONEOS or DLT as well as Artificial intelligence.

Other speakers in the summit will take a closer look at the economic, social and financial impacts.

The blockchain is one of the latest technologies in the globe today that is allowing people streamline and even render highly complex transactions in finance and management, transparent and indeed inviolable.

Using smart contracts that define the rules of engagement online, every procedure initiated on a network is decentralized and further shares a common registry that must be validated by nodes spread in the network at different levels.

Blockchain has demonstrated the capacity to become the next primary infrastructure for businesses and communication, streamlining operational compliance and global interoperability.

The ABC Summit is going to take place at the Estoril Casino’s “Salão Preto e Prata”, commencing with a “meet and greet” on September 2018 (Attendee: 49 euros-199 euros/ Exhibitor : [email protected])

For further information: www.abcsummit

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