MoxyOne: Cryptocurrency Payments Made Easier With Debit Cards!

One of the biggest problems with cryptocurrency payments is that they are complex when compared to real-world, fiat payments. Paying in fiat currencies is easy. You can take out your wallet and pay in cash, or you can pay using a card – one swipe and it’s done! Now imagine cryptocurrency payments being as simple as these. MoxyOne makes that possible.

MoxyOne helps customers make easy cryptocurrency payments with the help of MoxyOne Debit Cards. An Australia-based startup, MoxyOne intends on bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and real-world payments. The company is all set to come out with a solution for making easy cryptocurrency payments with the help of MoxyOne Debit Cards, which will allow the customers to spend in cryptocurrencies while the merchant they are paying to would be paid in fiat.

The Debit Cards are just a cog in the wheel, as MoxyOne has other, bigger plans for their platform too. Let us take a closer look at how the company intends to bring about this change:

Understanding the MoxyOne Platform

The MoxyOne platform makes it easy for users to spend in cryptocurrencies for purchases. Basically, MoxyOne’s infrastructure makes it possible for the buyers to pay in the form of cryptocurrencies, while the sellers get paid in the form of fiat money! As complex as it sounds, the MoxyOne platform aims at making it a smooth and easy process. Here’s how it does it –

Debit Cards: Debit Card payments are one of the most common forms of fiat money payments. You walk into a store, grab the stuff you want to buy and pay using Debit Cards. Now imagine doing the same thing, but instead of paying in fiat money, your Debit Card pays in cryptocurrencies. However, the payment that the merchant receives, is in the form of fiat money. These MoxyOne Debit Cards can also be used at ATM machines and can be swiped for withdrawing fiat money.

SPEND Tokens: This payment mechanism where one party pays in cryptocurrencies and the other party gets paid in fiat money is made possible with the help of SPEND tokens. For example, the buyer pays in ETH tokens – which get converted to SPEND tokens – which are then transferred to the seller’s wallet, where they get converted into fiat money. SPEND tokens power all conversion operations and are at the core of this technology.

Moxy Wallet and MoxyAI: The Moxy Wallet is where your cryptocurrencies will be stored, added and reduced from for transactional purposes. It is a multi-currency wallet which supports many currencies. The MoxyAI system is basically an Artificial Intelligence software which determines the best cryptocurrency at the time of the transaction. For example, if out of the multiple currencies that you have stored, ETH is priced in the highest at that time, the transaction would be made in ETH which ensures you spend the least amount of cryptocurrencies while getting a high fiat money value.

MoxyOne Token Sale and ICO

The MoxyOne Token Sale is currently underway and it allows potential investors to invest into the SPEND tokens. The platform has set up a website where you can register yourself for the token sale by filling in some KYC details. MoxyOne has set a minimum goal of 4,000 ETH tokens, failing to attain so, it will refund the entire amount you have invested. The platform also has a referral program which allows investors to share the link with their friends and family – and they get free coins if their friends sign up. For more details, you can check out

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